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The only model in Korea! The first of its kind in the world!
Handsfree Devices for Helmets - Cyclear!

Patented, innovative IT technology that impressed the world! Independent brand of helmet headsets and wireless chargers
ISO 9001 quality management certification! An accredited partner of global businesses!

A state-of-the-art IT company that is leading the world into a new era - Daeman Co., Ltd.

Animating sounds that echo over
one’s head and the convenient
Bluetooth connection

Simple switching to a phone call while riding.
All you need to do is just to attach it to anywhere you like
Pushing one button is enough to make any motions with
no need to take out your mobile phone USB charging

Risks of ordinary helmets

Inconvenience of manual

Excessive charges of phone calls
during riding!

Wearing earphones block
the ambient sounds!

Earphones are hard to wear
inside a helmet!

Difficult to make a phone call with
a helmet on!

Dangerous to answer the phone
while you ride!

Earphones are

Experience the convenience of Cyclear

Safe use during travel!  Pleasant feel while you commute.
Both safety and joy!  It makes any riding experience feel extra special.

Before & After

How to use

  1. 1. Attach the Cyclear body anywhere you want
  2. 2. Connect the body with a mobile phone via Bluetooth
  3. 3. Louder! Keep it down a bit! Skip! Backward! Even phone call
  4. 4. Enjoy its use while riding.

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